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  • Mark finds "Knowledge gap to blame for slow electric vehicle sales"

You can read the original article here

No surprise really, but despite a batch of new EV's coming onto the market (or at least order books opening) people are more confused than ever. More people are realising electric is where it's going whether they like it or not and are making an effort to educate themselves. However I know just how hard it really is to discover the facts. Be it confusion as to charging standards or the thing that really confounds some people - the 2nd hand values of EV's! Everyone 'knew' that EV's depreciated horrendously so they will be doubly confounded when they try find some used 3 year old Nissan Leaf's and try decipher why their values have increased year on year... Oh and what happened to those leased batteries?

Need some help? Our service can cost you nothing (or a small fee) and should remove the largest barrier to your EV revolution - the knowledge gap.

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