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With the government considering bringing forward a ban on petrol and diesel vehicles to 2032, the age of electric vehicles has arrived. 

However many people find themselves confused and at the mercy of uninterested sales people or biased manufacturers.

We offer honest independent advice to businesses (including the motor trade) and individuals on all aspects of EV's. 

In the trade? Did you know many car dealers have been caught out by purchasing electric cars without understanding the unique nuances. Let us prevent any costly mistakes and help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

  • Make an equivalent 10% return on your vehicle purchase
  • Did you know electric and certain hybrid cars retain value more than any other mainstream car
  • Never visit a petrol station again
  • Never de-ice your car manually again


Drivetherevolution Ltd was established by Mark Wittler to share a passion for the next big thing in the motor industry. Mark recently achieved a First Class Honours in a BSc degree, in part thanks to a heavily researched dissertation on the subject "Is The Built Environments Lack of Infrastructure Support a Symptom of Circular Causality in the Electric Vehicle Revolution?” The research involved in producing this work found a startling discrepancy in the public’s perception of EV’s and the reality. Whilst government policy has the potential to make an immediate impact on public perception, many factors are now driving a growing interest in the subject. An increasing number of people are already turning to EV’s as existing legislation kicks in with ultra-low-emission zones becoming increasingly common. Drivetherevolution.co.uk aims to fill the niche where existing car dealers are unable to offer the level of service and knowledge in this rapidly developing and often complex area through offering a complete and honest service in the North West and beyond.


DrivetherEVolution Ltd, based in Greater Manchester, UK is focused on providing honest, unbiased advice to individuals and business on any subject connected with electric or plug-in-hybrid vehicles.

Contact us (consultancy & sourcing): info@drivetherevolution.com

Vehicle sales: 07421878682

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