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About EV's

(Electric Cars)

Whilst to us it's obvious that electric cars aren't just the future - that future has arrived - we get that the majority of drivers are not convinced.

Rather than put this information in a blog post tucked away - this information is VERY IMPORTANT (well it is if you don't already own an electric car)

Is it true that electric cars can't drive very far before running out of charge, and that the batteries need replacing after a few years...? 

Actually some of those assumptions still held by many, were never true! Here is a rundown of the reality of electric cars today:

Range: Range doesn't have to be an issue at all. Whilst 200+ mile cars are still somewhat expensive, this is usually offset by negligible maintenance and running costs. If your commute is shorter than 200 miles (and that will include you - yes YOU) then you can consider a car with lower range without issue.

Battery degradation: Is mostly a non-issue, with very few exceptions. Batteries will generally outlast the life of the car.

Speed: All electric cars are faster accelerating than their petrol/diesel equivalents to reasonable speeds. This means getting away from the lights will be quicker as well as much quieter and smoother. The instant acceleration means you can take advantage of gaps in traffic that a regular car often cannot.

Charging: Obviously if you have off road parking you will be at a significant advantage and you should certainly consider going electric ASAP. Without off road parking we are happy to research your options at no cost to see if public or work charging will be viable (or can be made viable).

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