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Planet of the Humans: Michael Moore’s shocking Documentary

Let me start by saying if you have watched this film, and do nothing else today - just watch the ‘Now you know’ debunking of it by the ‘Now you know’ YouTube channel. It’s a truly excellent video and a must-watch for anyone concerned by Moore’s Documentary.

If you haven’t done either, then let me summarise the issue with this rather depressing and sorry excuse for a Documentary.

The film portrays the entire renewable energy industry, from solar and wind to Tesla and biomass fuel/energy as a plot of billionaires and the banking/finance industry to create yet another income stream to rival fossil fuels.

The film released in 2020 makes extensive use of old footage, some from the 90’s – whilst trying to give the impression that this is the state of the industry today. No context is provided. For example, they gate-crash the back stage of a ‘solar festival’ which claims (falsely) that they were powering the event from solar panels. However back-stage it becomes apparent there are diesel generators on site. The problem? This event happened when the solar industry was in its infancy, and has no bearing whatsoever on the current contribution of solar or indeed the potential of solar to provide potentially close to 100% of countries energy needs. The film portrays this small event, cynically, as the real-world potential of solar – as some sort of pathetic excuse for making money. Same goes with EV’s, wind turbines etc. No facts or figures are presented at any stage and many quotes are grossly misleading.

One final example is a scientist taking a Geiger counter to a hill and pointing out that materials mined nearby contain radioactive elements including Uranium. This shocking mind-blowingly twisted presentation is so misleading, it’s hard to comprehend. In fact, as no numbers are presented, it would appear the scientist is talking about naturally existing radiation. So, what the mine is doing, is digging up rock, sifting for the materials they want, and leaving behind everything else (as mines do). They have produced not a drop of radioactive material. In fact, there is no relevance to radioactivity whatsoever – anymore than holding a Geiger counter to the pavement outside your house for that matter. Yet gullible viewers are left with the impression that EV’s are somehow contributing to radioactive pollution.

The entire film follows this pattern, of old footage; professing to ‘catch people out’ when they simply weren’t available for a discussion and a total lack of research, balance or solutions.

In the end, the film makes no recommendations whatsoever, and the take-away is apparently the unfortunate fact of too many humans on the planet. The entire ‘green’ industry is villainised and the only solution appears to be mass murder.

Whilst the film does make a few valid points of fraudulent green campaign groups or companies funded by corporate sponsors – selling their conscience and the planet for good old cash, there is no real accountability, no discussion and no expert analysis.

Hopefully critical thinkers will understand, the solution to this problem lies in what we can do, and not as Moore would have you believe, in ignorance.

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