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Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Everyone seems to know all the problems with EV's. The batteries don't last more than a few years, you need separate insurance for the batteries. They are slow, go flat if you use the lights and wipers and don't even think about charging! Oh and the optional 5km extension reel costs an extra £5k...

Obviously if you have ANY real world experience with EV's you'll know none of the above is true. But so much myth exists and no one is making a concerted effort to counter the misinformation. Sure the government established OLEV and offered and now cut some subsidies. But that doesn't seem to have helped the public understand that EV's are here to stay. And that you don't need a 5km extension cable. Or that you only buy one even if you don't deliver milk.

Some will argue the waiting lists are now 12 months long, and that more people don't need to appreciate that electric motoring is just better in almost every way. But that's like saying it's OK if some people don't bother with stopping at a red light, the queues will be shorter after all.

Now as a bit of a petrol head myself I get why people like cars the way they are. But honestly it's the lack of experience alone of the new technology that is the real impediment. The benefits are just too wide ranging and obvious once experienced - more just has to be done to share this.

Perhaps one of the few companies that stands to benefit financially from the electric revolution will sponsor the sharing of these benefits?

If you are one of those few companies - please get in touch!

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