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A truly iconic vehicle offered in a condition to match it's supercar status. With 0-60 in circa 4 seconds (faster than a Porsche 911) and a top speed limited to 155mph and the full host of optional extras this Tesla 85D is one of the best specced cars on the market with unbeatable warranty. 
Has practically every available option.
	Autopilot with self park
	Summon (drive car using phone app!)
	4 Wheel drive
	Glass panoramic opening roof
	Electric powered bootlid
	Premium interior (black alcantara dash and ceiling)
	Premium lighting pack
	Rubber central console
	Matte wood trim (interior)
	Free supercharging for life
	Air suspension with GPS memory
	Quality rubber boot liner
	2x new tyres
	Full control from phone app (open door, boot, drive without the key, flash lights, horn, summon, reverse, preheat/precool, set charge limit, override charge timer, alarm notifications etc)
	3 years FULL TESLA WARRANTY + Remainder of 8 year battery/drivetrain warranty

Includes 5m MENNEKES cable, Tesla 3 pin and commando pack.
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SOLD - TESLA Model S 85D - Autopilot, Premium interior & lighting etc


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