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Tesla Model 3 SR+ 2021 Refresh


The car could be termed 'delivery miles' - it's basically new (collected by ourselves at 600miles). Circa 3 months since delivery, obviously no previous owners and offered to a new owner purely due to a change of circumstance.


This is the 'facelift'/'refresh' model with many crucial improvements:

  • Power tailgate
  • Matrix 'active' LED headlights (software under development)
  • Heatpump for superior winter range
  • More efficient tyres
  • Double glazed front windows
  • Satin black handles
  • All new centre console with higher quality materials
  • USB-C ports in the front and rear
  • Dual Wireless charging pads
  • Tesla branded USB in new USB port in PIN protected glovebox for Sentry & Dashcam modes
  • Other minor tweaks (such as new metal wheel buttons, magnetic sun-visor etc).


In the optional £1000 black paintwork it looks exceptionally suave. We've given the car it's first ever clean since it left the factory (due to lockdown the owner could not take it to a hand carwash) and the paint has a mirror like finish.


With the factory fresh interior smell still present and the tightness of the drivetrain evident on a quick test drive - this car represents a rare, yet significant saving over a new factory order car.


With zero range anxiety even on long runs such as Manchester > London thanks to the unmatched and exclusive Supercharger Network this car can replace any fossil powered relic. With performance to match almost any true sports car (0-60 in circa 5 seconds and a top speed of 140) this comfortable 5 seat family car mixes responsiveness with practicality a Porsche 911 could only dream of.


Your chance to buy from an EV specialist dealer who understands for example - the fact that this car uniquely has the refresh upgrades, yet being built in the Fremont plant - still has the tried and trusted Panasonic/Tesla battery pack rather than the new Chinese LFP cells. There will be very few of these cars in existence thus they are expected to remain more desirable.


Call on 01617060900 (calls handled by our tech partner firm or email us at


Nationwide delivery available

SOLD - Model 3 SR+ 2021 REFRESH (Power tailgate, Matrix LED, Heatpump)

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