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Independent EV Consultancy

Fully independent advice on electric vehicles, from battery degradation to real-world range and government incentives. Now with ACCA certified accountant option for technical business advice.

Understand why almost every EV driver will never go back to driving a petrol or diesel car...

Electric vehicle consultancy

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Are you thinking of making a commercial investment in EV's? Or an end user interested in going full electric...

(if you want to understand why a regular hybrid is not recommended click here)


But now what?

  • We can advise on all aspects of the EV ecosystem from real-world vehicle range to government subsidies.

  • In the motor trade? Need to gain a better understanding of EV's - we can answer all your questions (including questions you didn't know to ask)!

  • Want to present your firm as a leader in green-tech? Uncomplicated advice to make it happen.

We offer honest, impartial advice on any EV subject, or a combined advice and sourcing service

We carefully source and test all our EV's before offering them for sale

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